Labor & Employment Law

July 2018

Legal Theory: Meal and Rest Period Violations

Case: San Bernardino Superior Court Client: Retail Sales Employees Defendant: Confidential Settlement: $1,800,000
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May 2018

Legal Theory: Misclassified Independent Contractors

Case: Los Angeles Superior Court Client: Misclassified Personal Shoppers Employer: Confidential Settlement: $2,000,000
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February 2018

Legal Theory: Miscalculated Overtime, Missed Meal and Rest Periods

Case: Los Angeles County Superior Court Clients: Call Center Employees Defendants: Confidential Settlement: $125,000
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October 2017

Legal Theory: Misclassified Real Estate Appraisers

Case: San Diego Superior Court Client: Eric Engstrom Defendants: Bender-Rosenthal, Inc. Settlement: $360,000
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