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Personal Injury
"Personal injury" is a legal term that refers to physical injuries and financial losses resulting from another's reckless, careless or intentional acts.  Under California law, a person who suffers a personal injury can recover monetary compensation for their immediate and long-term medical care, past and future lost wages, damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress, and in certain circumstances, punitive damages.  In order to obtain financial compensation for a personal injury caused by the wrongdoing of another you must prove three things:
  • Duty and breach thereof
  • Actually and proximately causing
  • Your injury

As the injured person, you have the burden of proof.  Rarely is this an easy task.  Make no mistake, every decision, from the time of the injury-causing event, until you retain an attorney, affects your ability to obtain just financial compensation for your injuries.  That is why a personal injury attorney should be consulted immediately following any accident.  If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit, contact the JCL Law Firm for immediate legal consultation at 1-888-498-6999.

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