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Business Law

When confronted with a client's business dispute, commercial lawsuit, or court matter, the JCL Law Firm believes it is in the client's best interest to find the most expedient solution. Business litigation should be considered a last resort, to be used only when parties to a disagreement are unable or unwilling to find practical solutions through negotiations, mediation, or arbitration.  Once courtroom litigation is commenced, a judge or jury will render a decision with far-reaching consequences rather than the business owners, themselves. The JCL Law Firm can help you decide on a proper legal course of action for you business dispute.

Whether seeking to enforce a contract, or confronting claims of breach or interpretation of a contract, a business can quickly find itself embattled in disputes that compromise its ability to transact business.  If your business is embattled in a contract dispute, or confronted with threats to your company's intangible assets like its good will, contact the JCL Law Firm for immediate legal consultation at 1-888-498-6999.

Business Torts Defined

"Business Torts" are a class of claims arising out of commercial relationships involving a variety of legal issues.  Typically, injuries to a business arising from a "business tort" extend beyond tangible losses to include harm to a business' intangible assets.  Examples of business torts include the following:

  • Tortious interference with business relationships and economic advantages;
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty;
  • Business and consumer fraud;
  • Unfair competition and deceptive trade practices;
  • Infringement upon intellectual property - trademark, copyright and/or patent;
  • Trade libel and defamation;
  • Misappropriation, conversion and fraudulent conveyance of company property or trade secrets

If you believe your business has a claim for a business tort, contact the JCL Law Firm for immediate legal consultation at 1-888-498-6999.

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